Deals to switch from sprint to verizon

This alternative mobile provider offers custom plans that allow you to choose from a wide range of minutes and data you always get unlimited texts. If you need more than one line you can specify how much of each feature you want for each line. You can also use your device as a mobile hotspot. Another advantage of US Mobile is the customization.

Sprint Is Offering a Free Year of Unlimited Service to Verizon and AT&T Users

They offer seven different options for talk, text, and data. Pro Tip: You can sell your old phone for cash and then use our comparison tool to find the best deal on a used or refurbished phone. When you switch to the Verizon network from T-Mobile you'll need to check device compatibility on your new carrier's website.

This means your phone may or may not work with your new provider. T-Mobile devices are carrier locked so you'll need to have them unlock your phone so you can use it on another carrier.

Money-saving tips

If you're asking yourself "Can I bring my Sprint phone to the Verizon network? Still, you'll want to verify that you can use your own device by checking your new provider's website. Several Verizon MVNOs also use the Sprint network so there's a high likelihood you'll be able to keep your current phone when you make the switch. This is a simple process as long as you don't have an outstanding contract or device payments and your phone hasn't been reported lost or stolen. Before you change over to a Verizon MVNO make sure you understand the answers to the following questions.

Your new carrier will provide instructions.

T-Mobile to match rival discounts but a Netflix perk won't be as sweet

As I outlined earlier, you may be able to bring your phone if it meets the provider's requirements. If not, you can easily save hundreds of dollars by buying an affordable secondhand or refurbished device.

Only some phones are eligible for the upgrade. Sprint says you have to own the phone in the first place.

After October 1, you can switch to a new phone and keep the discounted plan for the rest of the year. You have to enroll in auto-pay billing. Jeff Dunn. Sprint has quietly launched what may be its most aggressive promotion yet. Feel free to switch everyone over.

Check Phone Eligibility. But when it comes to the type of data you get for free, this is where the Unlimited — Bring Your Phone plan differs from the standard Unlimited Plus plan. Oh, and your data will be de-prioritized during peak congestion.

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