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From Acorn Sales. From Bigidesign. Save on the refined products that inspire your passions as a reader, writer, and thinker at Levenger. Levenger offers elegant products designed to aid you in organizing, reading and writing in the office or home, or even on a business trip.

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They carry notebooks, day planners, designer pens, pencils, pen holders, desk organizers, tech bags and briefcases, wallets, iPad stands and carriers, and reading furniture. Every Levenger product upholds the values of functionality, beauty and enjoyment of use. Add a touch of class to your passions for reading and writing for less with Levenger. Thank you for this offer. I thoroughly enjoy Levenger's products and highly recommend them. I greatly appreciate the philosophy of Levenger's and the quality of their products that confirms that philosophy. Get New Levenger Offers.

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Details: Interested in savings? Details: This is an offer worth sharing. If you're not into the Delrin material, you can also choose from titanium, copper, or brass.

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And, if you're not a fountain pen fan, you can also pick any of these up in the rollerball configuration. You can browse all the different materials and colors on their website. After uncapping the pen, you're greeted with a really well-balanced pen.

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The black section marries perfectly to the body, and the long 6 nib has just the right length to compliment the other components. The section accepts either short international cartridges or an international converter. Keep in mind that longer or wider converters will not fit in this body, so just stick with the converter that comes with the pen. After inking up the pen, I was excited to try out this titanium nib. I've used titanium nibs before, but never in a pen that I've been able to use for more than a few minutes.

While I will say that the writing experience has been great, it was a bit disappointing that this nib writes like a medium instead of extra fine imprinted on the nib. I have nothing against medium nibs, but it's not what was advertised. That being said, I really like this nib and I've also decided that I'll probably go for a titanium nib any time I have the option. It's a lightweight and flexible material and has a great amount of tactile feedback that is similar to a steel nib. To me, this titanium nib is the perfect marriage of what I love about steel and gold nibs.

Gold nibs are soft and flexible, while steel nibs have a more rigid stance and provide greater feedback from the page. The soft tactility of the titanium nib is fantastic. The nib is fairly wet, but that's how I prefer wider nibs. And, given the soft nature of the material, it's also fairly easy to create some line variation if you apply a small amount of pressure on the down-strokes. Writing with the pen is extremely comfortable.

The grip section is long enough to provide plenty of space for my fingers and the way I hold the pen, and the threads that hold the cap are flat on top, meaning they don't irritate my fingers when they rest on the threads for longer periods of time. The length of the uncapped pen is perfect for my hand, but writing with the cap posted is also perfectly comfortable.

One area that I have complained when using this pen is opening and closing the cap. The unique threads are solid in operation, but the beginning and end of the threads aren't as sure-footed as I'd like. Threading the cap onto the body can feel a little mushy at times, and the same is true when I tighten the cap to the end of the threads. When tightening to the end, there isn't a distinguished feeling that I've reached the end of the threads.

Sure, it gets tighter and requires more pressure, but I don't feel like I've ever reached the end of the road.

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On the other end, I feel like I sometimes have to fish around a bit for the threads to really grip correctly when I place the cap on the pen to close it. These are minor complaints, but they're worth pointing out. Keep in mind that I'm only using a single copy of the Gist for this review. This may be a very isolated issue that doesn't affect others. Finally, when it comes down to price, the Gist is priced very fairly for a machined pen from a small shop. If you opt for the brass, copper, or titanium materials, the price goes up accordingly. The Tactile Turn Gist is a pen that I quickly fell in love with after using it for a few minutes.

Despite the mislabeled nib, I love how this pen writes and how it feels in my hand while writing and even while capped.

The Delrin material is incredibly rigid but has a familiar warmth that makes it fun to use. If it's in your price range and you like the aesthetic, I can't recommend this pen enough. JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes. Enjoy reading The Pen Addict?

Then consider becoming a member to receive additional weekly content, giveaways, and discounts in The Pen Addict shop. Plus, you support me and the site directly, for which I am very grateful. To find out more about membership click here and join us! Fountain Pen Day is this Friday, November 1st, and to celebrate a little bit in advance, I have a great giveaway for you. Fountain Pen with a Zoom nib to give away this week.

What better way to celebrate Fountain Pen Day than to give away a really cool one like this?

Same rules apply as always, so read them below and enter away! All of us at PenSachi love to make you happy by delivering to you the best writing instruments and the most satisfactory writing experience ever. At PenSachi, we are a team of both Japanese and foreigners who simply love fountain pens very much and would like to have a career where we can see fountain pens everyday.