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With Home Depot's low-price guarantee, deal of the day, and bulk-pricing options, you can save more money on your home improvement projects. Here's how. You can also buy items online for free in-store pickup. After 30 years of doing business, I am switching from Home Depot to Lowes. HD certainly misled me when they said I needed a VIC, which I got six weeks later; yet they then denied my discount because I am just a mere honorably discharged vet.

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Good for them! I registered online at Lowes.

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I had to enter information from my DD and then it linked my military information to My Lowes card. I have received this discount for clearance items as well as already discounted items. I no longer shop at Menards or Home Depot. They give the discount to a large group of Veterans, not the limited group at Home Depot.

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I worked at the Depot and am saddened by this. Guess where I will be shopping? Why would anyone just hand a copy of these documents which contain highly personal and confidential info to anyone?

I presented this to the store as proof that I am a veteran and they refused it as proof, they would ONLY accept the registration in their system as proof which requires handing them a copy of my personal military documents. Now my family can get Vet discount by providing my cell number at checkout—what a nice way to recognize my service and that of ALL Vets—Lowes has a customer s for life.

Home Depot in Phoenix, Oregon was rude to a veteran who inquired about the veteran discount. Even with Veteran status ID they turned him away stating he had to have a veteran disability.

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The rude demeanor was very disappointing and un-American. It was awkward for the veteran and even another employee recommended he provide feedback since it wasnt right. Please contact Online Customer Care at and place your online order over the phone for an immediate discount or bring your ID to your local Home Depot. However, this may not be used in combination with any other sale prices or discounts. I called and was told the information given was incorrect whereas the Military Discount can only be applied physically at the store.

Online and Phone orders do not qualify. He told me to F off and pushed his cart over. I want to eject fellow shoppers that act like tools in public places, in general.

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When I catch a whiff that they served.. We all served for different reasons, but respect was one of the things we all participated in. I was told after the first of the year, , I had to be registered online with Home Depot or I would no longer be given a Military discount.

I had to buy some brass plumbing couplers. I showed my ID to the Asst Head Cashier, Rachael, that helped me check out and after receiving my paper receipt, I noticed I did not get the 10 percent military discount. I went to her and asked why I did not receive the discount. She gave me examples of potting soil and lumber as consumables. I also had this same conversation with the Head Cashier named Vance.

No one at the store offered me a copy of their military discount program.

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If their examples of consumable products and That brass fittings are considered consumable products, everything Home Depot sells is a consumable product. I feel that maybe this Home Depot now considers all Veterans, including disabled Vietnam Veterans, as consumables. After reading these comments and others, I have decided to not attempt to get a vet discount. Clearly Home Depot requires a disability from military service, so be it.

Lowes requires permanent access to my DD information and a credit card involvement with them, so be it. I deeply enjoy the vet parking and it is very helpful for a semi disabled person who is a veteran of VN Screw the conditional discounts. I also did not provide my DD or social security number.

I verified my military service through a third party company that has a contract with the Department of Defense to verify service members without providing their personal information. The company was founded by a veteran for the specific reason of verifying service without providing personal information. I acknowledge the curtesy differences twix the two, however no thanks.

My husband is retired military. Not sure if this works everywhere but all we do is give our phone number. I can go in without him and receive the discount by just giving our phone number.

Home Depot Military Discount

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