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Mother's Day Gifts featured on "Jill's Steals and Deals" on NBC's TODAY show

I think that these are real cool and awsome deals my nana loves to shop and she always finds the best prices that no one else is able to find. Duvet not available when broadcast on west coast. Is there any way to get a rain check on the Isotoner Smartouch gloves Deal?

I live on the west coast and tried to buy them even before the segment was concluded here; but, they were all ready sold out. How long does it take for stuff to get here. I have ordered twice from Jill and nothing so far.. I ordered from other places and that stuff is already here.. Hi Julie — You have to click one of the links with in the post to retrieve the codes from the Today Show, however, the deals are only good for 24 hours and that window has passed. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for more Deals and Steals. Tried to get the duvet as soon as announced during the Today Show and for several hours thereafter.

Never did work … very disappointed. I called on November 7 and was told they had no record of my order so then I emailed the address that was on my order confirmation. I then received an email that my order was found and shipped on Oct I should receive it within days.

On November 11 I called again asking where is my order. I was informed they were very sorry and would send out my order. I should receive it withing 3 weeks! I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Or, maybe I will never receive them. Thats the way it looks!!

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Very disappointed as well. Makes you wonder if Jills deals are just a scam to fill time slots for The Today Show!!! It seems a lot of people have problems getting the merchandise she offers. I have orered several items from Steals and Deals andhave been happy with al purchases. It does take sometime to receive them but it is worth it when I receive the items. I price all iems on the internet and pricing has been a deal.

Check back here for more information on other ways to purchase them. The Stationery Studio's Trendy Tech Skins package includes two tech skins — one large and one small — with the same design and personalization. The large option includes one skin for a laptop, computer, eReader brands include nook or Kindle , iPad or tablet. The small option includes one skin for either a cell phone, mp3 player or an iPod. Your glasses include the frame and standard 1. All upgrades including coatings, progressives, bifocals, polarized, and high index lenses are not included with this offer.

A discount will be applied, but additional charges may be incurred. Please enter the coupon code on the order review tab and double check the price.

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Jill’s Steals and Deals – great deals from the Today show!

I am experiencing the same problem. I ordered something, was charged immediately but nothing has come, no tracking info, no receipt and no way to contact the company. I normally don't order online from unknown sources but figured it had to have been checked out by the show. Very disappointing. It makes me question how well they investigate their news stories if they can't even check out a vendor they are pushing on air.

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I am experiencing the same problems and am so frustrated!! Has anyone been able to talk or connect through email with these companies?? I don't know where to take this now!! Anyone have any success solving their delayed orders! I ordered one as a gift. What a disappointment. It does not even look like it is worth the discounted price. I know that I can't return it and get a refund, but I would like to express my disappointment directly to the Steals and Deals department. Anyone know how I can do this?

I can't seem to find an email address to write to. This bag will not be given as a gift, It will go into a closet.

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Thank for your help. I ordered jewelry twice. Both times the product didn't look like it was worth the discount price. They came in just a plain plastic bag. No box, no bag, no tag, not even company labels. No where was the company name. In fact on one of my buys, the company name was marked off on the return address that was on the mailing package.

I ordered a mommy and me robe set on April 9, and still haven't gotten it, it is a Mother's Day gift for my daughter-in-law never got an email about it but I was promptly charged for it. Bettystefanijones I ordered the same set and have not received it yet. I emailed the company last week and they said they would be shipping that same week, but still no info regarding shipment. Mine is to be a birthday gift for my granddaughter.