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The fact that a large and cumbersome panel is not affixed to the body of a small spotlight means that the light can be placed in discreet positions. This is great for those looking to highlight architectural or landscaping features without drawing attention to the light fixture.

solar garden lights

However, the detached solar panel requires wires to be used to connect the two spotlights to their power source. This is obviously not the most attractive choice and can be a pain for those looking to spread out their spotlights. Depending on your garden and use, this feature can make or break your purchasing decision. The lights are also very bright , with lumens per light.

How to Select The Best Solar Path Lights?

Since they come as a duo, that means lumens for the combined effect. This is plenty of light to illuminate the darkest corners of your garden perimeter with a dramatic and luxurious look.

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The light can even travel as far as 20 feet , making it an excellent choice for security purposes as well. Each spotlight has a swivel head that can cover a degree angle area. There are three different brightness settings which are easily adjustable. The metal and plastic casing is waterproof and can withstand most weather. However, if there is flooding, you will probably need to move your small lights.

This is because they will not be able to manage being submerged for extended periods of time. As one of the most unique solar lights on our list, the Kemeco lamp post is a great choice for homeowners looking for a classic and refined look. The Victorian-inspired street lamp is a modern take on a vintage design and offers a combination of practicality and decorative aesthetics.

While the price point is arguably much higher than any other solar light on the list, the lamp makes up for it through its extra features, such as a surprisingly bright light , additional planters and hooks, and reasonable battery life. Reviewers are surprised at the amount of light emitted by the lamp as it only has three small LED lights. However, the lamp is quite bright and can illuminate a patio with no other lighting needed. Others discuss how easy it is to install and set up , considering its size. The lamp looks very charming and beautiful, especially with flowers placed strategically in the planter box and on the decorative hooks.

Compared to other solar lights, this one stands tall above the crowd. At almost 6 feet high, the Kemeco lamp post is one of the largest. With a very unique vintage Victorian lamp post design, the solar light is a great garden feature of its own right. The lamp comes equipped with a planter base and two decorative planter hooks so you can decorate with flowers and bushes for a more natural and integrated feel.

The head of the lamp is styled as a vintage glass box with three high-powered LEDs inside. These bright lights cast off plenty of ambient lighting, just like a real street lamp. The lamp is built from sturdy aluminum and Tiffany glass , while the planter is made of durable plastic. The casing is rust-resistant , and easy to maintain. On top of the lamp, and virtually out of sight, are four large solar panels for quick and efficient charging. With an auto sensor that turns the light on at dusk and off at sunrise, the lamp functions similarly to city-operated street lamps. This attractive and whimsical solar light is both practical and fun, and can utterly transform a garden, front porch or outdoor entertaining space.

With a very affordable price point and some unique design features, they offer a lot of value in a small package. The lights are in the shape of a glass tube that has a plastic roof and bars. The way the bars are on the glass creates an interesting pattern on the ground once lit. The dark plastic lights look almost nautical in their design as the glass casing resembles a light house. Many buyers love how easy to install the lights are, as well as the nice patterns of light that reflect on the ground.

They report that the light is able to stay on all night with few issues, and that the lights look classy in small backyards. As like many other multi-pack solar lights, some reviewers have encountered defective units. These outdoor garden solar pathway lights are perfect for lining a driveway or other dimly lit area that has consistent foot traffic. They are both beautiful and practical in terms of use. One key selling point is its unique light cast-off effect. The light creates a pretty slotted rotunda pattern on the ground once illuminated. Each light comes with a built-in solar panel situated on top, so each unit is self-contained and super simple to install.

There are no external wires or connections between units. This allows for maximum flexibility when deciding on placement and configuration.

However, each light is only 2. Luckily, they come in packs of 6 and are designed to be used in a group. The combined output will be enough to brighten up a dim path or other perimeter area in the garden. A brief scroll through social media will show you that string lights are all the rage in charming home design, both indoors and out. The lights can be draped across a fence, patio cover, pergola or exterior wall for an added touch of ambience. They can even be used for special events, like weddings or photo shoots, and then reused later.

Luckily, the battery charges quickly in full sunlight, so the lights can be used every night. The large solar panel attached at the end of the string can also be tucked away on top of a fence for maximum sunlight exposure. Most reviewers love the Brightech Ambience Pro string lights and claim that the soft filament bulbs bring the right mood to their backyard.

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The casing is also made of durable materials. Reviewers claim that the solar lights can withstand most environments without needing replacement parts like extra bulbs. Some reviewers were disappointed with the string length. This may be an issue for those looking to decorate a large space or requiring exact measurements. The key selling point for the Brightech Ambience Pro solar lights is the string design.

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This fashionable look is great for a number of garden designs and adds a touch of charm and whimsy. Even better, the string lights come equipped with vintage-style Edison filament light bulbs , soft black casing and warm yellow glow. The string lights are 27 feet long , and have a solar panel attached at the end. The length is long enough to reach across a standard patio, but you may need to purchase multiple strings to meet your desired look. The bulbs will stay lit for around 5 to 6 hours on a full battery.

According to the company, the string lights can withstand wind of up to 50 miles per hour , as well as rain and damp climates. This is great for those living in more tropical environments. They also come equipped with an auto sensor that turns them on at sunset and off at sunrise. With an easy clip or stake installation, these string lights are very low-maintenance and can offer lovely garden ambience for up to 20, hours until they need to be replaced. Each light is styled as a faux lily flower and is equipped with color-changing LEDs for an extra dose of fun.

There are many different brands of faux flower lights on the market, but the TONULAX models stand out for their high quality and affordable price point.

Solar Lighting

Most buyers prefer the TONULAX brand over others as they are more durable , have better solar panels, have bigger flowers and you can style them with a wire frame. The solar panel is of a high quality and can charge the battery even during cloudy conditions. However, some buyers wish there was more variety in design so they could purchase multiple styles of flowers for a different look. With a colorful and creative shape, the lights offer a touch of whimsy to a garden bed or flower pot. Each solar lily has LEDs that can change to 7 different colors. They also have flexible stems and leaves that you can bend to create a more realistic shape.

Also, the artificial flowers consist of waterproof glass and other materials that can withstand inclement weather. With two flower lights per pack, you can go wild with decoration and dress your garden in a sea of beautiful lilies with various colors. Every homeowner is looking for something different when it comes to solar lighting. Each use comes with its own set of needs in terms of design and functionality.

There are a few different uses for garden lights, from security to decoration. Luckily, there are plenty of options available so your decision will ultimately come down to aesthetics. Do you like faux finishes that emulate flowers, logs, tiki torches or rocks? Are you a modern design lover and looking for something simple, edgy and clean?

Or are you interested in a low-profile look to line a garden path? For those who are looking to highlight a garden feature, spotlights are perfect. String lights and hanging lanterns are wonderful for patios and summer dinner parties. Small pathway lights or wall-mounted lights are great for front gardens, elderly homes, and warding off intruders. For those who need practical lighting more than ambience, a bright solar light is imperative.

Lumens are the measure of brightness, so any light above 15 lumens is more practical and less decorative. However, you should group some lights together , like pathway lights. In this case, the individual lumen rating is not as important. Rather, the combined output of your planned number of lights should be the determining factor.

Some lights are sold in packs of 2 or more. Some homeowners may only be using their lights for temporary special events , like weddings or dinner parties. In that case, lights that have beautiful designs, but may not be made of strong materials, would be appropriate. Manufacturers did not build these lights to withstand strong weather and you can use them intermittently throughout the year for decorative purposes.

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These are more likely to withstand inclement weather, sun-aging and other hazards like pets, accidental kicking or tripping and water splashes from pools or watering the garden.