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Dan Post Raleigh. Wolverine Anthem. Criteria Used for Evaluation. Hence, one of the reasons it is a loved material for hard-working boots. Caring for this type of material is very similar to taking care of Cowhide Leather. You will wipe away any loose debris or dirt. You can use saddle soap if it is your preferred cleaner but be careful. You don't want it to dry completely on your Alligator boots as it will make them more susceptible to cracking. You will then want to condition them with Reptile specific conditioner.

This is specially made to treat the material correctly, ensuring your favorite footwear continues to look and feel great. You may also consider a non-silicone weather protectant to keep your boots safe from rain and other watery situations.

While they look absolutely awesome they are exceptionally delicate. To care for these you will want to use a soft cotton cloth and only dampen it slightly. If there is visible dirt you can remove it with a soft brush. When conditioning this type of boot you want to use a conditioner that is specifically made for Snakeskin.

Using Cowhide Leather conditioner can actually damage the fragile snakeskin. If you're unsure of what to do, it is best to look for advice from a knowledgable source - either the retailer, your trusted cobbler, or even articles and how-to videos online.

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Just remember to be gentle! Known for its excellent durability and relatively easy care, most can see why it is such a good option. Knocking away debris and cleaning them with a good coat of saddle soap is pretty easy and you can shine them to any gloss you prefer. You will also want to use a good leather conditioner to make sure the material stays supple and doesn't crack. It will also be easier to find weather protecting sprays or creams for this type of material than alligator or snakeskin.

Taking care of this type of leather will ensure your boots always look and feel great. In addition, you will get years of wear out of them.

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It is important to note that some spurs offer a strap that ties around the boot to help keep it in place others just rely on the tightness of the yoke. This is the round gear-like wheel that is sometimes attached to the shank. These can be used for quicker responses but should be used with caution on sensitive horses. They are seen in silver and gold and while not needed often make a lot of noise.

This type of spur may be part of an outfit but a trained horse will not need to be urged with them, they really are for show. Dressage Spurs : This type of spur is mandatory in advanced level riding competitions and have also been found to be a useful tool for young riders with short legs. The spur is typically a bit longer and will help short legs reach the sides of the horse.

They will typically have a wheel with blunt edges. This is why these are most often recommended for advanced riders. Keep in mind the use of spurs is to help your horse fully understand what you are asking, not to cause harm or force them into doing something. These are typically quite flat and very blunt. When participating in this type of event it's imperative that you practice and know what you are doing.

Jumping your horse can be dangerous for both of you. The proper use of this type of spur will help you both to maintain your safety. To ensure that a pair of footwear is the right choice for you, there are several things you should consider before investing your money: Support : Definitely the most important factor when it comes to foot health.

Your feet take quite a beating on any given day. Not only does they support your entire body weight, but the muscles, tendons, and bones take the brunt force of any movement you make, including walking and running. If you suffer from issues such as flat feet, plantar fasciitis or even back and knee pain, look into more supportive footwear that would help with these issues, vastly improving your quality of life. Cushioning : To prevent fatigue and joint pain, look for footwear that features either a shock-absorbing midsole or a cushioning insole. Nowadays, most manufacturers will include these in their footwear, so you can opt for models that use materials such as EVA, cork, latex or memory foam.

Like with support, you can improve the cushioning abilities of your boots with a good insole, which is an affordable and simple option. Lining : Depending on the weather conditions, you need to consider the inside of your shoes as well. Good uppers will break in and stretch slightly, accommodating the unique shape of your foot, making the boots fit you like a glove. Some rubber compounds are softer than others and may start to lose their shape and traction more quickly. This is also influenced by your weight and pronation, so opting for the right sole is crucial when searching for durable footwear.

Several models listed above can be resoled, which is a great option for those who prefer the comfort and aesthetic appeal of a worn-in boot. Most Important Criteria According to our experts opinion. Click on a to rate the most important criteria:. Rate This Criteria as Most Important. Pairing Cowboy Boots.

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Other Factors to Consider. Bottom Line. Frequently Asked Questions. Related Reviews:. Each pair comes complete with decorative embroidered stitching along with convenient easy-on side pulls and a tan cow leather construction.